I can’t decide whether our friends Kate and Jeremy of Pam and Audrey’s Donuts are actually still our friends or not. They’ve been making us these COMPLETELY irresistible donuts, and I can’t stop eating them no matter what I do, and once I’ve eaten them all, I think I’m safe, but then they invite us over again, or even worse they offer to DELIVER them to us, and then I really start to wonder if they love us or hate us. But once I bite into a fresh one, I know for sure–it’s love.

Pam and Audrey’s is opening soon in Los Angeles, but maybe if you become friends with us… I mean enemies… I mean friends… you can try some now. In the meantime, find them at http://pamandaudreys.com.

Lime Basil Donut by Pam and Audrey’s / Photo by Tricks of the Trade